No persons, company, corporation or institution shall establish or permit to be established or maintain or permit to be maintained any connections whereby a private, auxiliary or emergency water supply other than the regular public water supply of the City may enter the supply and distribution system of the City unless such connections are specifically approved by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Governing Body of the City or its authorized representative.

(Ord. 1143, Sec. 1)

Approved devices to protect against backflow or backsiphonage shall be installed at all fixtures and equipment where backflow and/or backsiphonage may occur and where there is a hazard to the public water supply in that polluted water or other contaminating materials may enter into the public water supply. Approved backflow preventer valves and systems shall be installed as determined by the superintendent.

(Ord. 1143, Sec. 2)

The City Superintendent or other person appointed by the Governing Body shall have the right of entry and inspection, at any reasonable hour, into any building or premises connected to the City water supply. This inspection may be done as frequently as necessary, in his or her judgment, in order to ensure that plumbing has been installed in accordance with the laws of the City so as to prevent the possibility of contamination of the water supply of the City.

(Ord. 1143, Sec. 3)

Pursuant to K.S.A. 65-163a, the City by its Utility Superintendent, may refuse to deliver water through pipes and mains to any premises where a condition exists which may lead to the contamination of the public water system and it may continue to refuse the delivery of water until that condition is remedied. In addition, the City Utility Superintendent may terminate water service to any property where the cross connection, backsiphonage, or back pressure conditions creates, in the judgment of the Superintendent, an emergency danger of contamination to the public water supply.

(Ord. 1143, Sec. 4)

There is hereby incorporated by reference for the purpose of constructing, removing, repairing and inspecting present and future cross connections to the water supply system of the City, that certain written policy, to be known as OFFICIAL POLICY OF THE CITY OF WAKEFIELD, KANSAS, TO REGULATE AND RESTRICT THE ENTRY OF CONTAMINATES INTO THE PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY OF THE CITY, prepared and published by the Kansas Rural Water Association, in connection with the KDHE. Not less than three (3) copies of said policy shall be marked or stamped “OFFICIAL COPY AS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE BY ORDINANCE NO. 1143” and all with the sections or portions thereof intended to be omitted clearly marked to show such deletions or amendments and filed with the City Clerk, to be open to inspection and available to the public at all reasonable hours.

(Ord. 1143, Sec. 5)