All persons and property owners owning dwelling houses or buildings within the city which building or buildings are, or shall be located near a sewer, or in a block within any such sewer district in the city through which a sewer, or in a block within any such sewer districts in the city through which a sewer extends, are required to make such connections with said sewer system, as may be necessary in the judgment of the Governing Body for the protection of the health of the public, for the purpose of disposing of all substances from such building or buildings affecting the public health which may be lawfully and regularly disposed of by means of such sewer.

(K.S.A. 12-632, R.O. 1965, Sec. 10-101)

Should any person or persons fail, neglect or refuse to so connect any building or buildings with the sewer system of the city as hereinbefore provided, for more than ten (10) days after being notified in writing by the Governing Body to do so, then the city may cause said premises to be connected with said sewer system and shall advertise for bids for the construction of making such sewer connections and contract therefor with the lowest responsible bidder or bidders and cause said premises to be connected with the sewer system, and the costs and expenses thereof shall be assessed against the property and premises so connected, such assessment to be made in the same manner as other special assessments are made.

(K.S.A. 12-631, R.0.1965, Sec. 10-102)

It shall be unlawful for any person to uncover a public sewer for any purpose, or to open or take off any manhole, flush tank or inlet cover, or make or cause to be made any connection with the mains or laterals of the public sewers of said city or to build any sewer connections, without first having obtained from the City Clerk of said city a written connection permit to make the connection to the sewer. No permit shall be issued to any person whose bond has not been approved by the Governing Body. A separate permit will be required for each connection to the sewer. Each house or building served by the sewer must have a separate drain and connection to the sewer, unless more than One (1) house is on the lot and sufficient “Y” branch connections are not provided in the sewer for each house. In all cases, permission to connect a residence or building to another house drain may be given only by order of the Governing Body and only when it would be impracticable and inexpedient to install separate connections.

The sewer construction permits should be made out on blank forms providing for the date, serial number, name of the plumber or drain layer, owner of the property, street number, number of the lot and block being served, and the distance of the “Y” branch from the center of the nearest downstream manhole. The permit book should be provided with duplicates of permits for the purpose of record.

(R.O. 1965, Sec. 10-103)

All plumbing materials must be of standard quality or better, free from all defects and all work must be executed in thorough and workmanlike manner. The house sewer shall be of not less than four (4) inch sewer tile.

(R.0. 1965, Sec. 10-104)

No permit to make connections with the public sewer shall be issued for such work to be done by any other than a licensed plumber.

(R.O. 1965, Sec 10-105)

In opening any street or public way, all materials shall be placed where they will cause the least inconvenience to the public, and the hole enclosed with sufficient barriers and properly protected by lights at night at all times.

(R.O. 1965, Sec. 10-106)

In backfilling the trenches, the earth shall be carefully tamped around and over the pipes and the whole trench filled in uniform layers of not exceeding nine (9) inches. Each layer must be thoroughly tamped or puddled as may be directed by the Superintendent of Utilities. All paving, curbs, sidewalks, etc., shall be replaced to their original condition. It shall be the duty of the plumber doing the work to make good all deficiencies that may occur within twelve (12) months after completion of the work, and within twenty-four (24) hours after receiving notice of the deficiency from the proper authority.

(R.O. 1965, Sec. 10-107)

Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this Article, shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine not to exceed Five Hundred Dollars ($500) or by imprisonment not to exceed ninety (90) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(R.O. 1965, Sec. 10-108)