There shall be appointed, by the Mayor, by and with the consent of the Governing Body, an Animal Control Officer for the City. It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to enforce all ordinances relating to animals and the Officer shall have all necessary law enforcement powers to secure and compel compliance with said ordinances. The Officer shall have the right to enter upon any property or into any building within the City for the purpose of such enforcement.

The owner, keeper or harborer of any animal within the City shall give prompt access to any property or building if requested by the Animal Control Officer. The compensation of the Animal Control Officer shall be established by resolution of the Governing Body. Records and reports of all actions taken by the Officer shall be furnished to the Governing Body when requested.

(Ord. 1304)

As used in this Chapter:

“Domesticated” shall mean bred for and adapted to living dependency in an urban household setting.

“Humane” shall mean manner of care including, but not limited to, protection, from harm, providing of shelter with adequate protection from the elements, ventilation, sanitation, and appropriate food and potable water consistent with the requirements and habits of the animal’s species, type, size, age and condition.

“Officer” shall mean City Animal Control Officer or Law Enforcement Officer.

“Own” or “Owning” shall mean to keep, maintain, possess, control, sell, trade, or buy.

“Owner” shall mean the person who owns, keeps, harbors or possesses an animal or specified animal.

“Spay” or “neuter” shall mean to render permanently incapable of producing offspring.

The following words, terms, and phrases, when used in this Article, shall have the following meanings, except where the context clearly indicates otherwise:

“Fowl” shall mean those domestic birds commonly kept for the production of meat, eggs, or feathers. For the purposes of this Article, Fowl shall include, but not be limited to, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, swans, peafowl, guinea fowl, ostriches, and emus and wild game birds.

(Ord. 1304)

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to keep or harbor within the corporate limits of the City any dog or any cat without causing such dog or cat to be licensed and paying the license registration truces hereinafter provided.

(Ord. 1304)

There is hereby levied an annual registration fee, payable on or before March l of each year, upon the owner or harborer of any dog or any cat within the corporate limits of the City as follows:

(a)   For each male or spayed female dog, Two Dollars ($2.00)

(b)   For each un-spayed female dog, Four Dollars ($4.00)

(c)   For each cat, Two Dollars ($2.00)

For residents acquiring any dog or cat after March 1 and before January l, of the following year, said license registration fee shall be paid within thirty (30) days of acquisition. Any owner, harborer of any dog or cat moving into the City after March 1and before January 1 of the following year shall pay such license registration fee within ten (10) days after utility service to the residence of the owner or harborer has been established. The full amount of the license registration fee shall be required, regardless of the time of year application is made.

(Ord. 1304)

Upon payment of the dog or cat license registration fee hereinbefore required, the City Clerk shall issue a receipt in duplicate to the taxpayer and shall supply the taxpayer with a suitable metal tag.  It shall be the duty of the person receiving such fees to cause it to be affixed by a permanent metal fastener to the collar or harness of the dog or cat upon which the license registration fee was paid in such a manner that said tag may be easily seen. If such tag be lost, the Clerk shall, upon application, issue a duplicate tag, upon the payment of the sum of One Dollar ($1.00), and shall enter a record of the same in the animal register.

(Ord. 1304)

The Clerk shall keep a suitable book or register in which he or she shall enter the names and addresses of the persons paying true license registration fees on dogs or cats, the names of the animals, the sex, if female, if spayed, color and general description, and such other information as may be helpful in identifying such animal.

(Ord. 1304)

No person shall own any dog, cat or ferret, four (4) months of age or older, within the City limits if such animal is not currently vaccinated against rabies.  Any person owning a dog within the City shall cause such dog to wear a collar or harness at all times to which shall be attached a current tag reflecting that the dog is vaccinated against rabies.  The tag shall be situated on the collar or harness in such a manner that it may be easily visible at all times.  Owners of cats and ferrets may retain proof of current rabies vaccination on their person or premises.

(Ord. 1304)

Before the City Clerk shall register and issue a metal tag for any dog or cat, the owner, keeper or harborer registering such dog or cat and paying the annual registration fee required by this Article, shall furnish, to the City Clerk, a certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing that said dog or cat has been immunized against rabies and/or distemper and that said immunization will be effective for the year in which the dog or cat is licensed.

(Ord. 1304)

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to break open, aid or assist, counsel or advise, the breaking open of the City pound, or to take or let out or attempt to take or let out any animal legally placed therein, except by a duly authorized officer or employee of the City.

(Ord. 1304)

Any person designated and licensed as a falconer by the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department must first obtain a permit from the City Clerk before owning a raptor within City limits. This permit is in addition to any required permits under state or federal laws. Any person desiring a permit under this section must file with the City Clerk an application for permit showing a copy of applicable state and/or federal licenses or permits, along with a $50.00 fee. Permits must be renewed yearly.

(Ord. 1304)

Mews used to house raptors must be locked at all times during which the raptor is inside. Any person authorized to own a raptor within City limits shall not allow it to fly within City limits.

(Ord. 1304)

Whenever any offense is declared by any provision of this Code, absent a specific or unique punishment prescribed, the offender shall be punished in accordance with this section.

(a)   A fine of not more than $1,000.00; or

(b)   Imprisonment in jail for not more than 179 days; or

(c)   Both such fine and imprisonment not to exceed (a) and (b) above.

(Ord. 1304)