There is hereby created the office of the Wakefield Civil Defense Director; such Director shall be nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the Governing Body; that the duties of said Director are as follows:

(a)   To represent the Mayor in all matters pertaining to civil defense;

(b)   To develop a City Civil Defense Plan which shall provide for the effective mobilization of all of the resources of said City, both public and private;

(c)   To obtain and utilize cooperation of Clay County officials in the preparation and implementation of civil defense;

(d)   During periods of emergency, to direct the services of all City civil defense forces;

(e)   During periods of emergency, to obtain vital supplies and equipment needed for the protection of life and property, and upon approval of the Governing Body, to bind the City for the value thereof, and if required immediately, to requisition the same; and

(f)   To plan and provide for the necessary supplies and equipment needed for the protection of life and property prior to a natural disaster or mobilization, and with prior approval of the Governing Body to acquire what supplies and equipment would be needed for that purpose.

(Ord. 1052)

The Civil Defense Director shall receive that compensation provided for by the Governing Body by Ordinance, and that while engaged in such service, said Director shall have the same immunities as officers and employees of the City performing similar duties.

(Ord. 1052)